Government is unique, many entities with varying autonomy and unlikely boundaries that often inhibit implementing the best solution from the public viewpoint.  Sometimes the insider is not in a position to select the most advantageous alternative.  We have substantial experience in government, and know how to facilitate the communication necessary to bridge the gap across these boundaries, allowing optimum use of technology to deliver services well.  We can help you keep services operating, even when you lose budget or headcount.  We can work with you to predict life-cycle costs, eliminating the obsolete while harnessing newly proven options.  We can help you manage increased service provider costs, predict demand, negotiate rates, and assure quality performance.  When the source and rule set for program funding changes, we can lead you through a process to determine dependencies, alternatives, and long-term service viability.  We can mentor your staff to plan for general infrastructure and baseline utilities upgrades using available funding sources.


Much of the demand for improved function at all levels of government today cuts across the enterprise, requiring common IT solutions using infrastructure and applications shared among all participating agencies.  In Criminal Justice, Highway Safety, Business Registration, Revenue and Taxation, and the delivery of Human Services, the “citizen view” driven by the Internet requires interagency functionality as never before.  Advantech Group has the experience to help you plan and deliver services in this way, mentoring your organization as it evolves to a different IT culture.


Areas where our expertise can bring you success:


  • If you run a complex 7x24 data center, we have substantial experience with platform consolidation and facility relocation, as well as seamless replacements of processors, storage systems, and networks.  We can help you define human resource requirements, cost allocation issues, and budgeting.
  • Are you responsible for network services, determining the optimum strategy for contract negotiation and implementation of a different mix of carrier services?  We have faced this hurdle on numerous occasions and have experience with a variety of successful approaches.
  • Should you explore Outsourcing?  Or perhaps your organization has used a variety of sourcing solutions (internal and external) and needs to evaluate current market alternatives.  Our experience with both comprehensive and selective IT outsourcing makes us a useful participant in sourcing strategies, contract development, and negotiation.
  • Do you know that an organization-wide programmatic approach to IT architecture can pre-establish optimum standards, best practices, and technology implementation strategies that are right for your organization?  We have experience establishing and managing such an architecture program across a very large and diverse organization.
  • Do you have established processes for the evaluation of new technology, and policies for implementation and integration of appropriate technology?  We can assist you determine the best approach for your organization.
  • How do you determine budgetary priorities for IT?  Are you constantly surprised by financial burdens of IT?  Or do you suspect some of what you’re buying is unnecessary?  We have experience with evaluating needs and documenting priorities to avoid surprises.
  • How do you explain IT issues and planned strategies to legislative or regulatory authorities?  We have significant experience preparing and presenting understandable information to such bodies.
  • Have you considered joining with your peer organizations in common approaches to contracting or subscribing to standards, to lower costs and improve interoperability? We have successfully developed and implemented such approaches.
  • Systems integration, training and mentoring staff, cross-enterprise systems.