The healthcare industry has seen increasing pressure to reduce costs while at the same time it has been subjected to increasing government regulation and reporting requirements.  These two trends in the industry have made the effective use of information technology more critical than ever.


         Are you having trouble figuring out how the HIPAA rules will affect how you manage and secure information and application databases?  We have experience in information management and policies. We have been responsible for the privacy of large databases of information on individuals.  We have experience getting the job done with federal requirements.

         Does your hospital or health organization have a network of outside service providers?  Do you have more paperwork and data reentry than you have people to administer these services?  Do you wonder if integrating existing systems across organizations such as these would significantly reduce costs of administration?  We have experience with connecting disparate organizations and systems to work together.  We understand the technical as well as political difficulties this presents and have successfully dealt with them.

         Has your hospital or nursing facility been purchased or merged with a larger entity.  Is the result that you now have systems that do not communicate with each other or can not access needed information.  We have experience with merging systems and with building new systems to meet these changing needs.  We have dealt with issues as simple as network protocols between organizations and as complex as implementing a new financial and administrative system.

  • Are you rehabbing a building and need to upgrade the IT infrastructure to accommodate future needs?  Are you trying to do this with a minimum of user requirements defined to help you make decisions?  We have experience with wiring, facilities planning and design that utilizes industry standards and can successfully accommodate future needs even if they have not been articulated yet.
  • Are you drowning in paperwork and records that need to be stored for long periods of time and accessed on demand?  Are you trying to store documents electronically, but are not sure how to index the documents for access, or how you will need to utilize the data within the documents.  We have experience in optical data storage and document management implementations.  We know how to implement these technologies in conjunction bwith workflow applications so that not only is paperwork managed electronically, but the processes used to manage the paper can be streamlined and automated.