Advantech Group LLC uses proven processes to provide the following client services:


AssessmentsTo ensure that your IT environment is productive, we recommend and can provide a periodic enterprise-wide assessment of the current infrastructure (processors, storage, network) and software applications used to support your organization’s business needs.  Ongoing projects and imminent implementations should be part of the assessment.  In-house and contract staff should team with an independent third party to assure the appropriate issues are documented, including opportunities for cost reduction and improved efficiency.  Such an effort encourages synergistic results, avoids retaining obsolete or unnecessarily redundant components too expensive to maintain, and allows for new innovative technologies to be utilized where most practical.  Most importantly, it offers management a periodic view of “how we’re doing” and provides a tool for appropriate IT budgeting.


Problem SolvingAdvantech Group can help solve your immediate priorities regarding systems and network integration, infrastructure complexity or mismatch to applications, meeting business requirements with reduced staff levels or budgets, and better leveraging and accountability for current IT expenditures.


Information Technology PlanningSuccessful IT implementations start with well thought out plans, addressing projects individually and in the context of all activity across the organization.  Most organizations today do not have the resources to perform the IT planning necessary to ensure all needs are considered documented and prioritized.  Strategic planning horizons have shrunk on average from 5-years to less than 2-years.  Rapid changes in need at both the technical and business level have discouraged some organizations from spending time on planning; at the very time it is needed most.  Advantech Group brings experience in all aspects of IT planning, and can implement a simple effective process for you that is useful, not just a static document gathering dust on a bookshelf.  Good IT planning is dynamic enough to accommodate changes in business needs, and uses the best available technologies during its execution.  We utilize mentoring and team building to involve everyone needed to successfully implement a living pertinent plan.


Information Technology ArchitectureMany organizations have inherited diverse IT environments built over time or by outside entities.  These environments built over time or by outside entities.  These environments are costly to support and can severely limit options when developing new systems.  IT Architecture provides a framework for an organization to change the environment over time, to build the optimum infrastructure and skillsets to best meet the organization’s future needs.  The goal is to provide a flexible technology environment that can quickly adapt to the changing needs of the organization.


RoadmapsOnce projects are prioritized and approved, a roadmap is useful to an organization to navigate the best implementation approach.  The roadmap identifies technology that must be replaced in the near future, and identifies new technology that would be of benefit if put in place, and establishes a systematic basis for doing both in conjunction with ongoing projects so that it is cost effective and non-disruptive.  Advantech strives to leave an organization with the ability to continue this process independently.


ImplementationMany organizations find that the constraints for leveraging information technology are internal resources, not financial.  Advantech Group can provide a wide range of implementation resources to help an organization meet its needs, along with sourcing strategies and contract development expertise.  Portfolio management advice can help an organization manage multiple projects and application needs at the same time.