Advantech Group is an experienced team of advisors to senior business and technical managers.  We understand how information technology can substantially improve your organizationís abilities, without negatively affecting the bottom line.  We can help you plan and implement serious change to your business using advanced technology concepts.  We can spark a positive change in peopleís behavior within and towards your organization.

Are you contemplating significant change in your organization?  We’ve been there: we’ve led people through change, and we’ve lived with the results by managing organizations after major change has occurred.  We understand the kinds of issues you face: deadlines missed, budget gaps and shortfalls, too few technically adept individuals to deliver quality solutions that really meet business needs.  We’ve successfully addressed organizational and technology transitions, and can help your organization face the issues and determine the best outcome, then help you get there.

Principals Robert Dixon and Gary Therrien bring sixty years of diverse IT experience across many technical disciplines to meet your needs.  Our size allows us to quickly “connect-the-dots” and find opportunity for improvement.  We concentrate on utilizing industry best practices when applying technologies.  We have additional technical expertise available to you on demand for specialized tasks.

We bring substantive experience making the business need drive IT, instead of technology determining the business result.  We recognize that increasingly, technical solutions must bridge multiple organizations’ needs, especially where boundaries overlap or are blurred.  This applies when multiple levels of government and non-profit organizations need to share and access the same data, or when different educational entities need to access different aspects of a common data file.  We improve implementation planning so that the appropriate infrastructure is in place for projects when needed.

We recommend clients use the opportunity presented by current projects to position their organization for the future by:

  •  Upgrading infrastructure (processors, storage, secure networks) and replacing obsolete components.
  •  Leaving the organization more flexible by using more adaptable technology.
  • Creating innovative solutions that provide synergy, create momentum, and give competitive advantage.

Some of the business sectors we work in and the experiences we have can be found in the links above, to 'Government', 'Education', and 'Healthcare'.  The 'Our Services" link describes some processes and methodologies we use to perform services for you.

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